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This website is dedicated in memory of my good friends, Harv and Lynne Kahn, they both passed away in 2006. They were only in thier fifties and died months apart. Both were enthusiastic railfan photographers and I remember meeting them when I lived in Las Vegas in 1981.  We all worked at the same hotel. Harv was such a major influence on me in so many ways. On these pages are many photographs from Harv's collection. These are such a tiny sampling of his over 30,000 photos!  One of my goals now is to get his work out there so people can see it. Hopefully into books and magazines and a now a CD of his best images. There are so many great scenes of railroading history here for people to see.
With all due respect to Harv, please refrain from copying these photos.
These are for your viewing pleasure and research of the past RR history.

 After many years of compiling the best of Harv's work, I have at last put together a CD of amazing RR images from Harv Kahn. One of my goals was to get his work out there for others to see. If you are interested in a CD of over 2000+ images of Harv's work contact me at: or hit the paypal button below.
   Unfortunately, I cannot just give out free CD's because of the time, energy and materials involved in making this project possible. I can guarantee you satisfaction. I will not charge you $25.00 for 150 to 300 photos like many railfan photographers do. I aim to give you quality and quantity. I am hoping to get a hard cover book published of Harv's photography of trains.

Any money I make from my own photo cds ( or from this new CD of Harv's goes toward the publishing effort which includes a premium website, a hard cover book and getting enlargements and framing done. Don't forget to watch the documentary Harv Kahn - The Railroad Photographer on You Tube. This video tells you about Harv and you will see a couple hundred images of his work.

Respectfully yours,
Ray Tutaj Jr.

Harv Kahn Photo disc of 2000+ images. Simply an incredible collection and for the good cause of getting more of Harv's work seen.


Harv loved the GG1 locos the most.


Chicago Commuter Rush CNW
All photos are by Harv Kahn








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Harv Kahn Railfan Photographer