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Trains by Harv Kahn
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I am Ray Tutaj Jr. and am very glad to bring you these images for you to enjoy.
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Harv captured a variety of Railroads, rolling stock, trolleys, and more. He lived in the east then in the west and He traveled to most all of the railroad hotspots. He photographed the Santa Fe in the west and UP and SP too. He's been in Canada, Chicago New York, and numerous other railroad locations. These photos you see here or but a very tiny, miniscule example of his output.
 I would love to see Harv's work begin to be published in books and magazines. there are just too many images that need to be visible to the public. He and his wife would be thrilled to see his work published. If you are in the business or know of someone who may be looking for a certain railroad, it just might be in his collection. He has carefully labeled every slide with the date, railroad, and location. I simply did not have time to insert them on this website as of yet.
Harv was one of the most organized men I ever knew. He got me started in taking pictures of trains too and I have been doing it since the late 1980's.

Harv Kahn Railfan Photographer